About us


Founded by brothers Charlie and Matthew in 2013, Equippd was created after experiencing first-hand how complicated, messy and inefficient modern technology in our homes can be - and moreover, how this is accepted as the norm.

They wanted to change things. Through detailed research and meticulous design the brothers began developing smart home technology that fused style, simplicity of use and environmental awareness into everyday living spaces and activities. 

Today, Equippd is collaborating with some of the most prestigious names in residential architecture, audio visual engineering and smart home automation to design, install and look after ground-breaking systems that truly earn their title of Smart Home.


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Our Team


Equippd's team brings together over 25 years combined experience, varied skill-sets and a passion for everything technology.

Portrait of Matthew McCourt

Matthew McCourt
Co-founder and Director


Charlie McCourt
Co-founder and Director


Alex Dunne
System Designer & Engineer


Terence Pillay
Project Engineer


Teifion Nangle
Audio Visual Engineer


Felicity Haythorn
Digital and Communications Manager


Lorraine Dunbar
Finance and Accounts Manager


Louisa McCourt
Resources Manager