Before the project started, we arrived for the initial consultation and were faced with an unloved, lacklustre property that has so much potential to become something different.

Working closely with the adventurous homeowners and a talanted design & build team, Equippd were able to create our smartest home to date, where almost every bit of technology is designed to be hidden from view, but ready to work at the touch of a button…or a simple Alexa voice command.



- Picture reveal and ceiling-drop hidden TVs

- Bespoke painted B&W speaker cabinets and grilles

- In-ceiling hidden subwoofer

- Total control of every connected device using Control4 and Amazon Alexa




- 4K TV, film and game to 2 buildings, 6 rooms in total

- High resolution multi-room audio to 7 zones, including the garden

- 2.4GHz + 5Ghz WiFi system




- Lutron Homeworks whole-home smart lighting

- Zonal temperature using Equippd Smart Probes

Automated Smart Home - Bespoke Speakers