Equippd's involvement in any project starts at the very beginning. We work closely with developers, architects and interior designers from the off to create a smart home that is perfectly suited to your style and needs.

An architectural blueprint

Discover & Propose

The first step in the design process is showing you what the possibilities are. We help you better understand the different experiences that are available, and contrast this against your current lifestyle, requirements and budget.

From here we work together to design a system that suits all of the above, then develop a fully costed and personalised proposal that breaks the project down into specific phases, explained below.

An example of our neat and tidy cabling

Wire & Test

Once the system has been designed, we can begin installing the correct cabling backbone that will support the technologies you have chosen.

Aside from bricks and mortar, the wiring infrastructure of a property is its longest-lasting asset, so we only run high quality, cutting-edge cabling to ensure your property is covered for every eventuality.

Finally, we certify and document every single cable - so that nothing is missed.

Staff members looking over architectural plans

Install, Configure & Demonstrate

This is where the magic happens! The main technology rack is built at our workshop, then transported to your home where it is connected up, fully configured and programmed.

We then demonstrate how everything works (trust us it's really simple!) to you and your family so you can begin enjoying the convenience, comfort and sustainability of living in an Equippd Smart Home.





Aside from design, we have categorised the other services that we offer into three groups. Find out more about what is included in each one below

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Our Environment Services


Our Security Services