Entertainment is all about helping you relax, indulge and discover all of the fantastic forms of content that exist in our lives. Simply put, our entertainment systems allow you to access your favourite TV, films, games and music in any connected room at the touch of a button.


Ultra-HD Video


4K video distribution - James Bond

TV, everywhere

The systems we design and install distribute Ultra-HD video and audio all over your home. You can watch different inputs (Apple TV, Sky Q etc.) on any TV or the same input on multiple screens, with no lag or loss in quality.

Clean and unobtrusive

We can transport the highest quality TV, film and game to every screen in your home, without the need for unsightly black boxes in the room. This drastically reduces cable-clutter and removes the need for cabinetry underneath each TV. 



Multiroom Audio



Your music, your choice

The ability to move freely around your home whilst listening to your favourite music is a fantastic addition to any property. Seamless incorporation of audio equipment with wireless control provides a refined listening experience that’s extremely simple to use, and enjoyable to share with friends and family.

Heard, not seen

In-ceiling speakers are designed to blend into the decor of a room, producing minimal visual impact whilst maintaining excellent sound throughput. We work with leading brands of British speaker architecture; Bowers & Wilkins, Meridian & KEF - and we can also supply 100% hidden audio, using Amina's 'Invisible' speaker range. 




An Equippd Cinema Room - Moana

Redefine film night

Our cinema rooms are designed, built and setup to deliver the pinnacle of home entertainment. From true 4K video, to Dolby Atmos surround sound, each and every room is bespoke to it's core and creates a truly immersive space that you won't want to leave.

Leave it to us

We organise absolute everything: room design, acoustics, lighting, AV and everything in between. This way all of the systems talk to one another, so when you press ‘Watch a Film’, the blinds close, lights dim and popcorn machine starts vending!


WiFi & Networking


Category 6 WiFi cabling

From corner to corner

Wireless internet is an integral part of modern living. To ensure whole-home coverage, we only use reliable, fully tested dual-band WiFi equipment manufactured by reputable network specialists.

Simply better WiFi

Our WiFi systems have extra features, such as the Guest Network, this restricts visitors only to browsing the web, keeping your system safe. We can also create a ‘WiFi-Off’ schedule,  preventing access after certain times.





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