Creating an environment is more than just setting the lights or tweaking the blinds, it's about defining a mood and having the ability to reproduce it instantly. Our smart lighting, heating & shading scenes allow for exactly that, and will revolutionise your living spaces.




Smart Lighting - Equippd sunken courtyard

Smarter lighting 

Smart lighting introduces enhanced energy efficiency, automated control and lighting ‘scene’ adjustments to your rooms. Our engineers will program different pre-set lighting scenes, allowing you to define the mood of a room with the touch of a button.

Greener, brighter

Lutron lighting systems use LED bulbs that output higher brightness levels without creating lots of heat (like conventional bulbs). Over the course of a year, this can reduce household energy costs by roughly 15% - saving money and the environment.





Equippd Heating Touchscreen

Intelligent heating

Smart heating gives you precise control of each room's temperature, creating a personalised schedule for your home that’s simple to use and extremely energy efficient. 

Equippd works with plumbers and heating engineers to develop a system that has the capability to integrate seamlessly into our whole home automation system, giving you unrestricted control over when and how your home is heated.

Zonal efficiency

We work with both Nest and Heatmiser heating systems, this allows us to control zonal radiators, wet / electric underfloor heating zones and sustainable energy sources (solar cells for example).

Our system uses thermostat probes, intricately installed into inconspicuous plates. This allows us to hide away thermostats, leaving a neat and tidy finish throughout.




Automated blinds and curtains

Simplifying things 

Convenience is when the blinds in your bedroom mimic your wakeup routine, adjusting their levels to let the right amount of sunlight in, without disturbing your 15 minute snooze time.

Silent & precise

Lutron’s Sivoia automated shading systems feature quiet motors with sensitive control points for convenient daylight management while saving energy and enhancing décor.





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