At Equippd we design, install and support technology specifically designed for the marine industry. Working across Europe and on a variety of yachts of differing shapes and sizes, our systems feature everything needed to revolutionise how you interact with your vessel.

Each marine project we work on is built with reliability at the core, ensuring the systems in operation work as expected every time.

Equippd - Crestron

Home away from home

With Equippd and Crestron for yachts, you no longer have to sacrifice the comforts and connectivity you usually associate with your home whilst at sea. Your yacht can now be accessed from the same smartphone app as you would your house, providing exactly the same level of unrestricted control over absolutely everything from audio visual, through security to full monitoring and energy systems.

Equippd - Waterproof Camera
Equippd - Cabling


All of the equipment we specify is marine-grade and designed to operate flawlessly and in even the most demanding marine environments. From stainless steel camera casings to gimbal-mounted racking systems, our nautical products are fit for purpose and built to last.

PERFECTly accomplished

With over 5 years experience working in the smart-technology sector, our qualified team fully understand what it takes to bring a project from inception to completion. We are fully versed in sticking to tight refit schedules and managing the logistics required to operate a cost-effective and efficient installation.