Smart Homes and Digital Security


With GDPR emails filling up our inboxes and recent media coverage about data hacks, online scandals and digital vulnerabilities, we wanted to write a short article to inform our clients how Equippd deal with cyber security, protect the equipment and look after your home.

What are the risks?

More and more of the things that we use everyday are becoming 'smart'. Typically, this means the device can be connected to the internet, communicate with other devices more efficiently and be controlled from anywhere in the world.

The equipment that we work with that has the potential to be affected are devices such as CCTV cameras, Smart TVs and IOT (internet of things) devices such as baby monitors and video doorbells. 

Minimising the threats

Systems become vulnerable when important steps in the installation and setup process are missed or implemented incorrectly. At Equippd we take security of the systems we install in your home very seriously, and as such ensure that we take every reasonable step to ensure that your home is best protected.


Many smart devices are shipped with a default password, we make sure to change every one to a randomly generated unique code that's stored securely on encrypted servers (read more in our Privacy Policy).


Technology changes so quickly, new threats are always emerging so it's important that equipment is kept up to date. Whilst our phones auto-update, devices like our internet routers and CCTV cameras often need manually updating. Keeping all equipment running on the latest version forms part of our bi-annual health-check and maintenance package.


Having access to the devices in your home when you are out and about or abroad can be extremely useful, but if done incorrectly, it can open up potential vulnerabilities. The smart home systems we install use encrypted cloud services to ensure that whenever you login to your home, it's as secure as it can be.

Simple steps to help stay safe

Below are a few examples of areas where you can help to ensure maximum security for your home:

  • Only allow visitors access to your Guest WiFi network

  • If you add any additional smart products to your home (not supplied by us) be mindful to change all login details and passwords (including admin accounts) from their default

  • Never open ports on your router. We do not open ports on your router unless requested to do so by you or without your prior consent.

  • Keep your equipment up-to-date by either:

    • Taking out an annual service contract with us or:

    • Requesting a one off service call (contact us for costing)

  • Do not give out your system login details or passwords

  • If you feel a potential security breech has occurred, for example your mobile phone has been stolen. Then contact Equippd and we can help and advise on how to reduce any potential risk.


Above all, we are consistently working hard to ensure your online safety and security is as strong as possible. If you are unsure or would like further advice then please contact us at