Whole-home security is all about correct coverage, ensuring your home has the right detection mechanisms for the property type. The security systems we supply, install and look after are designed to interact with one another, offering unbeatable protection while keeping you fully informed, wherever you are.




Equippd CCTV Services

Connect anywhere

We configure your system to connect securely to the internet allowing you access to your cameras wherever you are in the world using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Remote playback

The systems we supply offer a host of features, remote playback being one of them. So you can watch back footage and save it straight to your device, all you need is an internet connection.



Access Control


Equippd gate and door entry system

HD Audio and Video 

Our access systems use a 1080p camera and high-quality microphone to broadcast who is at the door. This footage is streamed to every touch screen in the house, allowing you to answer the call and speak back or simply press a button to open the gate. 




Integrated access

Integrating basic security features equips your home with a powerful and intuitive mechanism for monitoring your property. Viewing live camera feeds or operating the gate from a 7” touch screen in your bedroom is empowering and adds an additional layer of security.




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