Welcome to The Experience
Let us guide you through a different way of thinking about technology. Considered, elegant and functional - technology that is designed to elevate a space and how one exists within it; complementing, not conflicting with aesthetics and lifestyle.

The Magic Inside


A considered lighting scheme is transformative, our lighting control pairs beautiful switches with purposeful design to elevate any room

Blinds & Curtains

A combination of wired and wireless blinds and curtains, some designed to be hidden and some to be on show.


100% invisible audio, with no compromise on quality or performance.


An integrated surround sound system creates a fully immersive, cinematic experience.

App Control

Control of technology is fundamental to the success of any modern home. Simple yet effective control.

Heating & Cooling

Our heating & cooling systems are designed to be simple, sustainable and highly efficient in maintaining ultimate comfort control.

"This collaboration represents our commitment to showcasing beautiful technology and inspiring design, providing a unique and immersive experience."

Charlie McCourt
Equippd Co-Founder

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