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There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to creating your very own media paradise. At Equippd we design, specify, install, configure and demonstrate everything cinema and media, ensuring it’s perfectly matched to your expectations and budget.

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  • ABOUT EQUIPPD Created by brothers Charlie and Matthew in 2013, Equippd have been designing, installing and supporting technology for our client's homes for almost a decade. We believe your home should be truly special, and technology can be a huge part of that, connecting us in ways we never thought possible to our homes and everyone in it. Speak to our experts
  • AND HOW WE DO THINGS Our experienced team of designers and engineers imagine and deliver each and every project, from collaborations with the architectural and design teams, to on-site project delivery and system commissioning - our excellent team handle every part in house with the care and diligence our projects demand. Request technology workshop


Interested in your own private cinema but not sure where to start? Request your free Cinema Workshop today to chat through your ideas with our technology experts. We can then create your very own cinema room VR experience to help you visualise the space.

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Meet with our cinema experts to discuss your ideas and learn what's possible


We create a VR experience of your dream cinema room to show you how it looks


We then organise visits to a real cinema space so you can experience how it feels


We then make it happen, bring the looks and feel together into your very own private cinema

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Liz, Paul and Family Wimbledon Cinema "No matter what your preference is, whether it’s movies or TV or music, going down there and having music on is amazing as well, It’s a real get out of the world and relax area, it takes you away. It’s so calm down there, it really is a lovely place to chill out."
Rob and Family Chiswick Media Room "Quite simply the most professional, knowledgable and helpful company you could wish to have install any media solution for your home. Equippd were polite, courteous and go above and beyond"
Gavin, Jo and Family Englefield Green Cinema "Equippd created a room that blew us away, it sounds amazing and is so immersive you forget that you’re still at home! They were generally a pleasure to deal with - nothing is an issue, and they worked closely with us on the design of the room to make sure it looked as good as it performed."
REQUST YOUR CINEMA WORKSHOP We will take the time to run you through all things Cinena, so you can make an informed decision about your project.
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Each and every cinema is bespoke, and so can be moulded to your budget. We have a couple of cinema equipment 'packages' that start at £27,850 including full Doby Atmos sound, 4K projector, 115" screen, cabling and all electronics required.
Any room can be a cinema! A disused garaged or unloved attic - we design cinemas for all spaces and sizes.
Cinema Rooms tend to be dedicated toward films, they often have widescreen projections and multiple rows of seating. A Media Room is often more multi-purpose, perhaps with a TV instead of a projector (as it may be in a lighter room) and is perfect to watch everything from sports to live concerts.
Very! We take pride in our service and work very closely with the client and any design professionals to ensure the rooms hits the mark both aesthetically and technically - so the experience is exactly as expected (often it's better!)
To recreate the cinematic experience that we know and love at home new cables run the key locations (speakers / projector etc.) is a must - wireless solutions just won't do the job. As such, if you're not redecorating things can become more difficult and labour intensive, so worth speaking to us first.
We have a couple of cinema package options that have put together to help give you an idea of what's included at different budget levels.

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