What is an Equippd home? Simple, Beautiful and Sustainable

Lighting & Climate Overview


A good lighting scheme can be both transformative and transportive, elevating the ambience of an entire house with the flick of a switch or a simple command. Sustainable and cost-saving, our smart lighting systems allow you to create and control the mood of your house with ease.

Window Treatments

Fusing bespoke décor and intuitive design, we specialise in virtually silent automated blinds and curtains that work seamlessly with your daily routine.

Heating and Cooling

When it comes to controlling the environment inside your home, we want your experience to be as sustainable, efficient and effective as possible. To make that happen we design simple HVAC control systems that do exactly that.


We understand the importance of understated design where technological necessities are concerned. Our smart climate control sensors are as discreet as they are accurate and allow you near-invisible control of each room’s individual climate.


We believe that better health begins at home. From advanced air purification to circadian lighting schedules and intuitive WiFi on/off modes, we work hard to ensure your environment enhances your energy, sleep, mood and more.

Home & Security


Ensuring absolute security for you and your home is our priority. Alongside anti-intruder technology, we use high-performance surveillance systems with advanced features for absolute peace of mind.

Access Control

Monitoring activity in and around your property has never been easier. Simple yet state-of-the-art NFC access options that can easily integrate with doors and gates offer seamless control and total peace of mind.


Specialising in cohesive control of all systems in your home, we work hard to ensure key systems run smoothly and autonomously, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your space.

Alarm and Fire

From smartphone-controlled sensors to automatically triggered fire safety mechanisms,
remote controlled alarm and fire systems ensure that the safety of you and your home is always monitored and never compromised.


Modern homes are powered by strong, fast, reliable WiFi connections. Our team of experts understands the need for easy-to-use and uninterrupted internet integration that also offers ironclad protection for the whole family.

Media & Entertainment

Home Cinema

Enjoy immersive sound and laser-sharp visuals from the comfort of your own home with our meticulously planned cinema and media rooms.


We believe that the right audio system can provide the soundtrack to your daily life. Working with the very best in high-resolution acoustics and speaker design, we deliver seamless sonic integration.


No modern home is complete without a modern media system. From 4K projectors to 100” OLED TV screens and wall-to-wall screens, our advanced video systems deliver superior clarity, unrivalled contrast and vivid detail as standard.


We believe that having control of technology is fundamental to the success of any modern home. Whether it’s via a physical remote, app or an in-wall touchscreen, we specialise in streamlined solutions that simplify your life.

Your Smart Home Features

Away mode

With a fully connected Equippd smart home, lowering energy consumption is easier than ever with an 'Away Mode'. Lights off, climate controlled, and alarms activated all at the touch of a button, meaning you're not wasting unnecessary energy or money whilst away from the home. Another small step towards a greener more sustainable future!

Movie Time

No more juggling endless remotes while you change input, adjust volume and press play. Make all your entertainment gear work together smoothly. Control all your TV and music – and even the lighting and shading for that low-lit movie theatre vibe – through a pre programmed 'Movie Time' quick action.

Health & Wellness

We believe that better health begins at home. From circadian lighting schedules to intuitive temperature control, we work hard to ensure your environment enhances your energy, sleep, mood and more.

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