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Only one thing matters when you are creating a home: quality. To make a space that stands the test of time, that feels special and authentic is simple, make it yours. We do exactly that with technology, perfectly crafting every element into a beautifully personalised paradise.

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  • ABOUT EQUIPPD Created by brothers Charlie and Matthew in 2013, Equippd have been designing, installing and supporting technology for our client's homes for almost a decade. We believe your home should be truly special, and technology can be a huge part of that, connecting us in ways we never thought possible to our homes and everyone in it. Speak to our experts
  • AND HOW WE DO THINGS Our experienced team of designers and engineers imagine and deliver each and every project, from collaborations with the architectural and design teams, to on-site project delivery and system commissioning - our excellent team handle every part in house with the care and diligence our projects demand. Request technology workshop


Would you like to see how it all works? We offer can offer you a free Smart Home Technology Workshop to walk you through what is possible, demonstrate Smart Home app control and discuss any budgetary questions you may have.

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Smarter climate control through connected HVAC and shading systems


The best quality audio and video across every room in your home


Physical and digital security to ensure your world is kept secure


The ultimate in entertainment, nothing beats your own personal cinema room


Modern lighting control that defines how rooms feel, simply and effectively

Interested in Smart Homes? We can help. From advice, through design to full project delivery - we can make your smart home dreams a reality.
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Raj And Family Rickmansworth Smart Home This Hertfordshire home is the last word in connected luxury. Boasting a basement cinema, bar and gym all integrated within a single app for simple control. The bar (pictured) is lit by Lutron, the smartest lighting system on the block, with single-button control to change the mood in an instant.
Rob And Family Chiswick Smart Home Rob's brief was simple - connect me to my home. Working with some fantastic professionals, Equippd designed and commissioned what is perhaps the smartest home in chiswick, with connected audio, video, lighting, heating, shading and much more, from wherever you are in the world
Paul, Will and Family Albury Park Smart Home This grand apartment in a former stately home in the heart of the Surrey Hills marries history and grandeur with truly 21st-century living, through clever design and implementation, Equippd highlighted how modern homes don’t necessarily have to be brand new.
REQUEST YOUR TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP We will take the time to run you through all things Smart Home, so you can make an informed decision about your project.
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It all depends on how smart you go. The technology hardware for integrated lighting, AV and security systems tends to start around £35,000 - however this really is very ballpark. We can help flesh out a budget based on what you're looking for.
Absolutely not, smart means simple - and by connecting lots of different systems together we can reduce the number of different apps or interfaces your have to use creating consistency, which is critical for simple use.
There are lots of great wireless solutions available, but many of these have limitations. At Equippd we work primarily on houses that are being fully remodelled so we can propose the best and most reliable solutions on the market today.
Get in touch! We can produce our 'Technology Tender Pack' which details everything technology related for your project, and helps the main contractors tendering quote more accurately and specify the supporting works correctly.
Absolutely, we can organise a full Technology Workshop to discuss what's available, talk through your requirements and make recommendations to help nail down a budget.
When people think Smart Home, they think futuristic and complex. In reality, a Smart Home is just a very well connected, considered home that takes they key elements of what is important to you, and makes sure they work flawlessly, sustainably and effortlessly for you, so you can get on with living your life.

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