Smart Can Be Sustainable

Home technology is often considered to be energy inefficient and power-hungry. Equippd are changing that narrative by combining renewable energy resources with home automation to provide data, feedback and user control over environmental systems such as lighting, HVAC and shading, creating sustainable, efficient homes that are ready for the future.

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  • ABOUT EQUIPPD Created by brothers Charlie and Matthew in 2013, Equippd have been designing, building and maintaining technology systems for our client's homes for almost a decade. Our company values demand that technology be functional, sustainable and beautiful, improving our client's way of life whilst reducing their home's impact on the environment. Speak to our experts
  • AND HOW WE DO THINGS Our experienced team of designers and engineers create and deliver each and every project, from collaborations with the architectural and design teams, to on-site project delivery and system commissioning - we handle every part in-house with the care and diligence our projects demand. Request technology workshop


If you have questions about what’s possible, or how technology and sustainability can co-exist in a home then we’re here to help. We offer free ‘Technology Workshops’ to find out more about your project and talk you through what’s possible.

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Smarter climate control can dramatically reduce your energy usage


Lighting control system ensure that your home sleeps when necessary


Automated blinds and curtains can help regulate internal temperates


Heat, light, humidity and air-quality to improve internal environments


Combining all systems into a unified whole to save more energy

Ready to talk? We can help, from initial ideas to a full environment consultation for your project and beyond. We're the go-to for sustainable automation.
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Lighting the future Sustainable switching and dimming Equippd utilise specialist control hardware to deliver smarter lighting systems that save energy in a multitude of ways. Through efficient LED trimming, to astrological scheduling and smart occupancy / vacancy programming, we know how to harness lighting control to it's full energy saving capacity.
Considerate Climate Control Simple, yet powerful control of your environment Efficient control of your heating and cooling systems is a necessity of any modern home. We collaborate with various HVAC control systems that provide simplistic, elegant and sustainable control over heating and cooling via BACNet, IP and other control protocols.
Smarter Shading Environment enhancements through shading Motorised blinds and curtains, paired with accurate sensing can have incredible impact on the regulation of internal temperates, and by connecting electric window treatments to the larger smart system - this process can be fully automated.
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Great question! The answer is lots. By combining modern lighting, HVAC and shading technologies with energy-efficient building techniques, we can help reduce a property environmental impact by 50% or more.
Absolutely not, smart means simple - and by connecting different systems together we can reduce the number of different apps or interfaces your have to use creating consistency, which is critical for simple user control.
There are lots of great wireless solutions available, but some of these have limitations. At Equippd we work primarily on houses that are being fully remodelled so we can propose the best and most reliable solutions on the market today.
Get in touch! We can produce our 'Technology Tender Pack' which details everything technology related for your project, and helps the main contractors tendering quote more accurately and specify the supporting works correctly.
Absolutely, we can organise a full Technology Workshop to discuss what's available, talk through your requirements and make recommendations to help nail down a budget.
When people think Smart Home, they think futuristic and complex. In reality, a Smart Home is just a very well connected, considered home that takes they key elements of what is important to you, and makes sure they work flawlessly, sustainably and effortlessly for you, so you can get on with living your life.


Brands Sustainability V2
Brands Sustainability V2
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