Equippd co-founder Matthew was invited to the heart of Cheshire to meet with the Kimble Roden team and present our ‘Designed to Disappear’ CPD (Continuing Professional Development if you didn’t know!).

Founded by Edwina Kimble and Emma Roden, the architectural and design practice work on exceptional residential projects with quality at every stage of the process. Check out one of their ultra-modern projects  ‘Witches Gate‘ or the luxury development ‘Hall Wood Forest’ (picture below).

Good design really can improve your life.
I love being able to help clients re-design their homes to improve the way they live

Emma Roden

We know how important it is to produce a seamless and comfortable audio experience throughout the property, and our ‘Designed to Disappear CPD’ discusses ways in which this can be achieved. The brands we work with, specifically Sonance, create technology that can be integrated within the architecture of a project, and in some cases, be 100% invisible, to eliminate the visual impact of audio.

If you would like to learn more about CPDs that Equippd offer, please get in touch.

Remember our CPDs are both RIBA and BIID accredited, with the former counting towards double points!

Find out more about Kimble Roden and their fantastic projects here.