This grand apartment in a former stately home in the heart of the Surrey Hills marries history and grandeur with truly 21st-century living. With origins predating the Domesday Book and an exceptionally rich architectural heritage, Albury Park rightly deserves its grade II* listing. Various different owners, from earls to parliamentarians and bankers, have left their mark on the estate, contributing to its distinctive appearance and stunning surroundings that remain today. Equippd joins this illustrious heritage, highlighting how modern homes don’t necessarily have to be brand new. We kitted out the property with a 4K entertainment system that enabled Sky boxes and other unsightly equipment to be hidden away, preserving the home’s period integrity and elegant finish. We also designed and fitted a covert remote security system to keep track of who comes and goes, accessible  from anywhere in the world.

Multi-Room Audio
Sixteen zones of audio with a mix of in-ceiling, in-wall and invisible speakers throughout with access to TIDAL, Spotify and the client's own music library.
4K Video
Access to Sky Q, Freeview HD and Apple TV 4K across eight rooms dotted around the property.
A full, whole-home WiFi system ensuring great coverage and super-fast speed in every corner of the home.
Various movement sensors trigger security events and alert the homeowner.
Internal and external cameras cover key areas with feeds accessible on every TV and the client's smartphone.
Full Control4 control system with all-in-one smart remotes for TV zones and a single smartphone app to control everything else.
An automated TV lift in the basement spa ascends from a cabinet when the 'Watch TV' button is pushed.
Technical Specifications
  • 16 audio zones with 45 individual speakers
  • Eight 4K-capable TV zones
  • Two rack locations: 38U and 12U
Integrated Brands