We love to be given a free rein when it comes to being creative with our intelligent tech. A golden opportunity came our way when we were asked to convert an unloved, disused Edwardian ballroom at a grand family home into a state-of-the art, secret nine-seat home cinema. From the initial 3D design to a full demo with the entire family – with popcorn, of course – Equippd managed every single aspect of this completely bespoke project, creating a space that provides a unique aesthetic and audio-visual experience. We installed a variety of sensors that pick up when somebody enters the room for the first time, automatically turning the lights on to an atmospheric dim ‘movie theatre’ setting, dropping the blinds and turning on the projector. A final cinematic flourish was the entrance and exit: a ‘secret’ door masquerading as a bookshelf.

4K Video
Sky, Apple TV 4K and Kaleidescape Strato system deliver the highest-quality video and audio.
Home cinema
True-4K projection on to a 120-inch acoustically transparent screen with 13 speakers around the room, all concealed behind fabric.
Motorised masking on the cinema screen to swap between normal TV and widescreen for films.
Floor and air sensors determine ambient temperature and occupancy, and doors sensors detect when somebody enters the room for the first time.
Smart Lighting
Single-room Lutron smart lighting that dims perfectly and changes colour at the touch of a button to suit your mood
Heating & Cooling
A full underfloor heating system and rack-area cooling system ensures that the room stays warm in the winter, but keeps the equipment cool.
Window Treatments
Automated Lutron shading with bespoke fabric created by laminating the stretch-fabric on the walls with blackout material.
Internet extended into the room to provide super-fast hardwired and WiFi connectivity for all devices.
Technical Specifications
  • Van Damme ‘Blue Series’ speaker cable
  • Acoustic design, including full treatment and soundproofing
  • Control4 automation system
  • Wireless Control4 10-inch touchscreen
  • Sony VPL-VW550ES 4K projector
  • Screen Research 120-inch auto-masking screen (1.78:1-2.35:1)
  • Dolby Atmos (7.1.4) speaker configuration
  • Triad Silver-Series speakers and subwoofers
  • Yamaha processing and amplification
  • Kaleidescape 6TB Strato player
  • Sony 4K disk player and Apple TV 4K
  • Nine electrically reclining cinema seats
  • Lutron Homeworks QS lighting and shading
  • Heatmiser Neo underfloor heating
Integrated Brands