Known as the Stacking Cube House, this south-west London scheme brings together stunning period features with super-modern design and tech. The project involved renovating the entire home as well as carving out a large basement, bringing together two distinctive styles within the space. The ground and upper floors preserved original features, such as Edwardian coving and restored windows for the traditional kitchen, dining and living spaces, while the uber-contemporary basement houses a home cinema, gym and high-end listening room. To show off the contrast between old and new, the lighting system features custom-engraved antique bronze light switch plates for the ‘Old House’ and brushed nickel for the ‘New Basement’. In a final flourish to preserve the home’s character, we integrated the existing antique push-doorbell to ring through on touchscreens and speakers throughout the house.

4K Video
Sky Q and Apple TV distributed to ten 4K televisions around the property..
Multi-Room Audio
TIDAL and Spotify playback through a mixture of in-ceiling and 100% invisible speakers.
High-Res Audio
A specialist listening room with a pair of Meridian DSP5200 speakers, built into bespoke joinery.
Home Cinema
A full Dolby Atmos home cinema with 4K visuals, electric reclining seats and a button to easily switch between ‘normal’ or ‘widescreen’ screen sizes.
A high-speed wireless network deployed throughout the property to provide internet in every corner
Beautiful control of absolutely everything using Control4’s OS3 software, built into touchscreens, remote controls and a smartphone app.
Smart Lighting
Lutron Homeworks QS smart lighting in key rooms allows for smart, intuitive control of lighting groups.
Heating & Cooling
Custom programming and integration with the smoke alarms automatically shuts down the ventilation system in the event of a fire.
Various movement sensors link to the smart lighting system to increase security.
Featuring a high quality CCTV system with full coverage of all access and entry points.
Technical Specifications
  • More than 3.5km of Category 6, 6A, speaker and coaxial cabling
  • 90U of combined equipment racking split across three positions
  • UniFi 5GHz mesh WiFi system
  • Cisco structured network
  • Sky Q and Apple TV 4K distributed to seven zones
  • Meridian Special Edition DSP5200 speakers
  • 10 zones of multi-zone audio
  • 20 Origin Acoustics in-ceiling speakers
  • Four Amina invisible ‘plaster-over’ in-wall speakers
  • Sony 4K projection
  • 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos configuration with Triad speakers and Audio Control amplification
  • Kaleidescape Strato 4K content
  • 120-inch cinema screen with automated widescreen masking
  • Electric reclining seats
  • Lutron Homeworks QS smart lighting system
  • 14 keypads and 52 dimming circuits
  • Control4 OS3 smart home throughout
  • Five in-wall Control4 touchscreens
  • Wireless touchscreen for use in the cinema