Felicity Haythorn

We love Sonos: the wireless speaker system sounds good, looks good and does a lot more besides. Here are 11 awesome things you might not know about the inspiring music technology company.


1 It has four founders …

… John MacFarlane, Tom Cullen, Trung Mai and Craig Shelburne.


2 … brought together by a mutual love of music 

And a mutual frustration with the pain of storing hundreds of CDs and dealing with the tangled spaghetti of stereo and speaker wires – just like Equippd’s co-founders Charlie and Matt!


3 Their first idea was actually around aviation

Before it became about music in the home, the notion was an offering to enable local-area networks (or LANs) for airplanes, with passenger services provided within them. 


4 Sonos started off in one room above a Mexican restaurant …

The fab four set to work, squashed together in a large open room above a Mexican restaurant in Santa Barbara, with the smell of tortillas deep frying to make crisps wafting around them. 


5 … and had some help from the Beastie Boys

The first song played for the public on Sonos’ first product, the ZP100, was The Beastie Boys’ No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn. The most-played song by Sonos engineers for testing was 3AM by Matchbox 20. And the most-played band? 10,000 Maniacs.


6 Did you know you can use your vinyl player with Sonos? 

Enjoy the comforting crackle of albums both new and old via the Sonos Play:5, Sonos Amp, and Sonos Port, which have line-in ports to connect any turntable. 


7 You can also mount your Sonos speakers anywhere

This frees up valuable surface space in your smart home, as well as adding to the aesthetics of the speaker.


8 And you can control Sonos using just your voice

Connect your Sonos speaker to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to play your favourite tunes completely hands-free using your voice. 


9 Or customise the sound for each room in your house

iOS device owners can take this one step further with Trueplay, which customises audio settings based on the layout of the room, matching the acoustics to create the best sound possible.


10 Crestron Home is the only smart platform to integrate natively with Sonos

This amazing operating system – and one of Equippd’s partners – allows the S2 Sonos app to display on Crestron touchscreens.


11 Now you can calm down with Sonos

A relatively recent addition to Sonos is the Calm app. This delivers your fix of soothing sounds and meditation session directly through your Sonos speaker. Ideal for dozing off or for starting your day the right way.


Find out more about how to add Sonos into your smart home here


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