A TV for social media lovers: Samsung’s Sero

Technology 14th Dec 2020 4 mins
Felicity Haythorn

Would you define yourself as a millennial, zoomer or good old-fashioned boomer? Whatever box you put yourself in, if you use social media, Samsung has designed a TV especially for you. Whether you actually need a TV that supports your addiction to social media is another matter. It’s all very pretty – but does it really serve a purpose? Let’s find out.


Samsung’s Sero TV is a feat of automation. It seamlessly mirrors a mobile screen and can rotate between landscape and portrait orientations

What’s all the fuss about?

Samsung’s Sero TV is a feat of automation. It seamlessly mirrors a mobile screen and can rotate between landscape and portrait orientations. Aimed at heavy social media users, this means you can be watching Netflix one minute and scrolling through Twitter or TikTok the next – all at the press of one button.


Will it look good in my house?

If you can’t stand the tyranny of blank screens in your home, the Sero’s is certainly a talking point. It’s default position is vertical – like an artist’s easel – and when it’s not on, the screen has more than 50 stylish screensavers to choose from, while Ambient Mode+ allows you to display useful information or blend the TV into its surroundings. You can even match it to the colour of your walls, like colour-obsessed London designer Yinka Ilori, using the Samsung LivingColour paint selection. When you press the rotate button, the screen smoothly spins around, presenting you with a more traditional landscape view of a TV – just make sure you leave plenty of room as the last thing you need is your expensive new toy crashing into your furniture mid-turn.

How we’re planning on using it…

We’ve specified one Samsung’s Sero for an upcoming project. There’s a small section of wall between two windows that’s not wide enough for a normal (16:9) aspect TV, so the Sero is perfect. It fits in the gap and looks like art when off, but spins automatically when ready for use – perfect and cost effective!


So… should I splash out?!

If you live on your phone and love social media, this TV offers a bespoke, optimised solution and a more immersive experience, particularly when so many videos and photos are taken vertically. Equally, if you love tech and want a TV unlike all the others on the market, the Sero ticks all the boxes. It’s an innovative, ground-breaking design, packed with powerful features quite unlike its cookie-cutter competitors. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that you’re paying £1,600 for a 43 inch TV.


For more information, visit www.samsung.com/uk/tvs/the-sero-ls05t