Five smart home tech myths, debunked

Technology 15th Mar 2021 3 minutes
Felicity Haythorn

If you’re umming and ahhing about whether to integrate smart technology into your project, maybe it’s because there are a few myths swirling around the world of connected tech. Here, we demystify some of those misconceptions about smart technology, so you can make the best decision for your build.

1 Smart home tech is expensive to install

Well, yes. But the initial financial outlay is far outweighed by the long-term saving. One of our clients, Quincy Kresler, sums it up perfectly: ‘It is a big upfront cost, but you have to consider maintenance or planned obsolescence as a big factor to defray against that cost. It’s the balance between cost and effectiveness. If we could take a lot of upfront costs earlier on, but then not have to do anything to the system for five or six years, I consider that a huge win. That cost is very large in year one [but] it’s nil years two through six. In essence, you save money because you haven’t had to replace any material.’ Read about why Quincy decided to upgrade to an Equippd smart home here.

Smart homes aren’t all about technological sophistication and comfort – there are environmental benefits, too

2 Homeowners need to be tech-savvy

If smart gadgets are your passion, great! But what if you are a technophobe and just want your house to do more stuff with minimum effort and fuss on your part? Don’t worry – a reputable smart home designer and installer will manage all the scary stuff for you. Equippd will take your vision for your home, pull together the design, technology and installation required to make it happen and explain the process to you in plain English. We’ll tailor your lighting, heating, entertainment and security systems to suit your lifestyle, then show you how to use it all. And if you experience a hitch, don’t worry – we’ll be on it instantly, remotely or on site, whenever you need us.

3 The tech is overpowering and clashes with your decor

We beg to differ. Smart home technology can be whatever you want it to be. If you want everything on show – TVs that can swivel to face where you’re sitting in the room or cinema projectors that appear out of the ceiling – we can make that automated tech dream happen. Equally, if you like your sitting room’s aesthetics just so, we are the masters of hiding incredibly powerful tech away behind the scenes, while your decor does the talking. This is what sets us apart from the rest – we value good interior design as much as the technology we weave into it, ensuring your home looks exactly how you want it to, as well as performing brilliantly.

4 Smart homes bring privacy and online security concerns

We get why you’re worried – there is a lot in the media about the failings of online security in connected homes. These stories usually stem from the use of mainstream smart home devices by people who do not fully understand the risks of installing these products in their homes. Your online safety and privacy is our priority. Our specialist engineers will professionally install and rigorously test all your technology, using trusted partner brands, leaving you with a reliable, safe and secure home, both online and on site.


5 Smart homes aren’t eco-friendly

Au contraire. Smart homes aren’t all about technological sophistication and comfort – there are environmental benefits, too. Connected technology can make your home more sustainable. Take your heating, cooling and lighting systems, which all require a huge amount of energy to run. Unregulated systems waste substantial amounts of energy, but intelligent homes enable you to set the systems to suit your daily rhythms. This could mean designated lights automatically switching off in the evenings or the heating coming on only when someone is at home. And all systems can be controlled via an app on your smartphone, from anywhere at any time – so no more worrying that you left the heating on when you go off on holiday.

So there you have it – five good reasons to embark on your smart home project. If you have any questions, please get in touch to discuss any aspect of smart home technology.