Time: the new luxury?

Lifestyle 12th Oct 2020 2 mins
Felicity Haythorn

Luxury used to be reserved for ‘best’. Rare and special things, treated with awe and kept carefully aside for special occasions. But a rising tide of affluence, combined with the rise of ‘always-on’ social media and 24-hour internet shopping, means that our access to luxury has become more democratised. The result is that more of us desire luxury to be a partof our daily lives, especially as the meaning of luxury diversifies.

‘Luxury is usually associated with possessions and money,’ says award-winning futurist Tracey Follows. ‘But beyond a basic level of comfort, more money – more stuff – doesn’t really create more happiness. But time … Now there’s a luxury that money can’t buy.” We are all born with 24 hours in the day available to us. No more, no less. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, young or old – we all have the same 24 hours in a day. That phrase ‘spending time’ is interesting. The acquisition of luxury objects has always fulfilled aspirations. But in a busy and intrusive world, people increasingly value time for enjoying special moments and extraordinary experiences: the availability of time, and the quality of time spent, can be seen as a luxury in its own right.

So how do you ‘spend’ your precious time? We believe that the luxury of time means no rushing or scurrying about. Time to linger over coffee or a long conversation; a decent book or a life-affirming movie. Time to just be – alone or with friends and family. Our homes are a big part of this. Your home is a space where you want to spend time, entertaining and relaxing. It is special, unique and tailored to you. Smart technology can equip your house with a bespoke ‘brain’ that connects every element into a beautifully simple, sustainable and enjoyable place to live, making everyday actions – such as switching the lights on, opening the curtains, listening to music, watching a film – a luxurious experience.

This ‘thoughtful’ technology allows you to live in the moment, giving you the time to appreciate the important things in life in a fast world where time is precious. Imagine it – waking up every morning with your daily routine under way before you even get out of bed: your blinds slowly rising with the sun and fresh coffee ready to pour in the kitchen; coming home after a long day to a perfectly heated house, with the lights you want on and your favourite tunes playing in the room you always head for after hanging up your coat.

Time is the most luxury material we have. Time is the biggest and best luxury investment one can make. The most worthwhile. And the one that lasts the longest.